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Korean Chinese Cuisine

Jong Won Paik, the CEO of THE BORN and a famous cuisine researcher, created this restaurant brand, PAIK’S NOODLE, after developing a variety of dishes that are reflections of the taste and style of Korea. 

Flavorsome jjamppong and jajangmyeon specialty restaurant

We usually see many menu items in a Korean Chinese restaurant that we cannot pronounce well. What if we could delete these menu items that are not loved by most of the customers and focus on the representative menu items only? Wouldn’t doing so result in a better taste?

Hong Kong Banjeom 0410 was launched by raising such a question. In the beginning, this jjamppong specialized restaurant only served jjamppong to its customers. Since then, for the past 10 years, it has been loved by many people and it has added menu items that highlight the specialty of Hong Kong Banjeom 0410, including jajangmyeon and kkanpunggi.